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Total solution in plastic injection tooling and molding
FON-STAR International Technology Inc was established in 1979 by our Chairman & General Manager Peter Yang Tzu Yun in Taiwan (R.O.C.: Republic of China) in south-east Asia. We are an experienced contract manufacturer of plastic injection moulds (Fabrication of precision molds, plastic injection tool maker) and plastic injection molding. We developed a real know-how in our production system especially for complex works. We integrated many technologies and secondary operations to our process in order to stay one of the leaders of the plastic injection tooling and moulding sector. We are experienced in consumer electronics (telecommunications, computers, GPS...), automotive structural parts, video surveillance systems (safety dome protection), barcode scanners, marine radars, back-light modules for LCD, LED, Ultra precision optical lens parts, household appliances, sport, industrial parts, medical parts and any other industries where plastic injection is needed. We work by having always in mind our goal: building strong long-term partnerships with our customers all over the world (such as Flextronics, Foxconn, Motorola, Matsushita, Sony, Technicolor, Hitachi, Garmin, Ricoh, Bryton, Lifeproof, Venture, Apple, Micros, Seagate, HP, IPH, Yazaki, Peugeot, Toyota…) by proposing very high quality tools and products (Or we also like to call it superior quality) . The company is an expert in exportations and is used to work with all the continents. To resume, Fon-Star group is specialized on one hand to the plastic injection mould fabrication (Mold maker) and on the other hand in the production (Plastic injection molding) of plastic and thermoplastic molded parts through many different secondary processes with high value-added (Like double injection, overmolding, insert molding, silk-screen printing, dip-coating, sputtering or plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, EMI shielding...).
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Fon-Star group can manage numerous processes for your plastic components. Indeed, the company can handle your plastic part needs from the design of the mould to the part fabrication through mould manufacturing and the integration of many secondary processes. You won’t need any more to have many different suppliers for your plastic products, Fon-Star can be your only stop.

Currently with over 350 employees in 3 manufacturing sites in Taiwan, 1 in China and 1 in Thailand and a production around 400 moulds/year (With offices in China, Singapore, Japan, United States and Thailand and also a joint-venture with Muto-Seiko in China) we have the capability to meet all your precision injection mold making and high quality plastic injection molded parts requirements. Fon-Star is a very innovative company which is always at the top of the technology (CNC technology, IMD, IMF, IML, IMR, two shot injection, insert molding, silk-screen printing, Dipping process, sputtering, EMI shielding, Laser graving, Ultrasonic Welding, RHCM molding, double injection, optical lens molding…). Fon-Star has been able to adapt to market changes and always improve itself through innovation thanks to very active teams of Research and Development and Designers. Our experience in plastic injection tooling of more than 30 years makes us specialists in the mold fabrication and plastic injection molding. This permits us to have a very competitive Quality/Cost ratio. Moreover, Fon-Star International Technology Inc received important quality accreditations such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO/TS 16949.


Company Policy

Our annual production of around 400 different plastic injection tools / moulds and hundreds of different plastic parts (and molding of millions of these parts) gives us the experience and capacity to meet customer requirements and schedule which is one of our group’s strength. Our main purpose is achieving customer satisfaction by understanding and bringing personalized solutions to the projects and ideas of our customers. Many companies pretend they propose very high quality and low cost. Actually, you need to choose. In Fon-Star we chose a very high quality model respecting the highest standards on the market. With this high quality moulds and plastic parts, we propose a reasonable price, it means a competitive price in comparison with the superior quality proposed. There is no mould too complicated for us: our experience allows us to be able to respond to all your problems regarding complex tooling (Double injection, many lifters/sliders, high respect of dimension tolerances ...). Contact us and we will help you to realize your projects.

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Fon-Star International Technology Inc became one of the leader of the plastic injection sector in terms of quality thanks to its highly qualified teams, its policy of constant innovation, the integration of new processes, new technologies, its interest and its passion for plastics.

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Our experience in tooling (Precision Injection Molds / Plastic injection moulds):
  • Molds for high volume, hi-speed production, thin wall production
  • Gas assisted injection molds
  • Molds with complex hot runner systems
  • Two color injection molds / dual-shot moulds (Double injection, 2 shot injection)
  • In-mould / Inlay decoration molds (IMD, IML, IMF, IMR)
  • Optical parts, Ultra Precision Molds
  • Injection moulds up to 2500 Tons of clamping force (Weight until 30 Tons)
  • In-house mould trials until 1050 Tons of clamping force
Sectors / markets for Plastic Injection Parts (Injection Molding):
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive structural parts
  • Video surveillance systems (Bulletproof domes)
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial Parts
  • Optical Lens Plastic Parts
  • Medical Plastic Parts
  • Sport Plastic Parts
Secondary processes (Secondary operations): 
  • FMMS molding (Fon-Star Mold Molding System) or it can also be called RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Molding)
  • Ultrasonic Welding (US welding)
  • Silk-screen printing
  • Dip-coating (Hard-coating)
  • Laser etching, Laser graving
  • Sputtering coating (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition or PECVD)
  • EMI shielding (Electromagnetic interferences shielding)
  • Waterproof technology
Know-how / Value added: 
  • Thin wall molding
  • Complex moulds
  • Hot runner systems
  • Optical Lens molding
  • Gas-assisted molding
  • LED / LCD frame molding
  • Double injection mold making and molding (Dual-shot, 2 color injection, two shot injection)
  • Insert molding / Over-molding
  • In-mould decoration (IMD, IMF, IML, IMR)

Total Customer Satisfaction, Through Continuous Improvement and Innovation to always propose the Best Quality of the market.
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